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Christmas in Cancun
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Black Swan Series

Unrelenting Love

Guardian Elite Series

Novella 1.5
Rescuing Melina
Conquered in Cancun

Military active duty women secretly trained in Special Operations assigned to governmental agencies and the

men who dare to capture the heart of a Woman Warrior.

Her life is filled with lies and he’s one of them.

When Jacin awoke stateside, he remembered nothing about his escape from the Colombian cartel or his torture. He was sure of only one thing, his love of Melina, his handler. When she disappears, neither bruises nor the CIA will keep him from rescuing her.

Rescuing Melina brings together the Alphas from Susan Stoker’s Delta Force Heroes and the sexy men of KaLyn Cooper’s Guardian Elite series into a romantic suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page.

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Former special operators, 
these men work for Guardian Security (from the Black Swan Series) protecting families in their homes and executives on the road,
but they can’t always protect their hearts.

Smoke & Mirrors
Claimed by a SEAL

Follow the Girard family
—along with their friends, former SEALs and active duty female Navy pilots—

as they hunt Mayan antiquities, terrorists and Mexican cartels in what most would call paradise. Tropical nights aren’t the only thing

HOT in Cancun.

rescuing melina

coming march 21

Uncaged Love
Captivated in Cancun

Novella 1.5

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