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Black swan series

Night Owl Reviews

The Ladies of Black Swan were active duty military selected for a test program to prove women could be as effective as men in Special Operations. They were trained like SEALs, Special Forces, Force Recon, and Marine SpecOps. Unable to return to the military until the services allow women in those roles, these five highly-trained assassins now work for Section 7 of the Department of Homeland Security. Their mission is always to eliminate someone who has the potential to cause a Black Swan event such as 9/11.

It takes a special man, an Ubuer Alpha, to love a woman who can shoot better than they can and who looks better in a Ghillie Suit than they do. But when they capture the heart of a Black Swan, they mate for life.



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Unrelenting Love

Coming june 27

Book # 1 Black Swan series

Katlin Callahan is the Black Swan team leader, code name Lady Hawk. She takes her job as a field operative in Special Operations very seriously and knows exactly what her team of women is capable of accomplishing. All her life she's had to tolerate the antiquated opinion that women are the weaker sex and can't play in the testosterone-filled world of special operations. She gladly proves them wrong every mission.

Alejandro Lobo had been best friends with Katlin and Tyler Malone since high school. He was the Best Man at their wedding and on the same battlefield when Katlin's husband was killed. After two tours as a Marine Special Operations Company Commander, he resigned his commission, Americanized his name to Alex Wolf and is the highly successful managing partner of Guardian Security. He doesn't believe women should ever be placed in harm's way. He's loved Katlin as a friend for years, and most certainly enjoyed their brief friends-with-benefits relationship in college, but sees her as another woman in need of his protection from an evil world.

Reunited after several years, can they overcome their significant difference of opinion long enough to find the true love they never found in their first marriages?