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“Hello, Tori.” 

This picture inspired me so many times while I wrote Unrelenting Love. As a military wife, I know several women who served for 20+ years and know their trials and tribulations from sexual harassment to separation anxiety. They are tough when they have to be, but underneath they are women with big hearts.  

Unbeatable Love

Novel #5 Black Swan Series

Women in SpecOps? Never…

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Meet Damnit, the Rottweiler mixed with English Labrador Katlin saved at the Miami pound.

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Fact:   A woman can get a man alone within hours ...and kill him in seconds.

Fact:   Men always underestimate beautiful women.

Fact:   The military doesn’t do anything without years of successful training, most often completed in secret.

Fact:   In February 2013 the United States military opened combat roles to women,but no woman has "officially" been trained in military Special Operations.


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