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Standard size Mouse Mat

​$ 10.00

Unrelenting Love original cover

Black Swan Enamel gold charm.  

​$ 5.00

Large Zip bag       $ 10.00

Small book bag    $   5.00

Enamel and Crystal Black Swan necklace. 

​$ 10.00

Uncaged Love original cover

Both sides are shown here of the Bookmark.

​$ 2.00

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The merchandise in the KaLyn Cooper Store changes regularly so be sure to check back often.

Before KaLyn attends a book signing, you will find package specials here. Pre-ordering guarantees your books will be on-site the day of the signing. She will personalize them at the book signing.

Personalized books are also available at any time. Additional will be charged for shipping.

Are you a member of KaLyn’s Ladies of Black Swan Book Club? A special gift will be included just for you!


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Unrelenting Love original cover

Official 2019

Black Swan small silver charm.  

​$ 2.50

Hand Painted Black Swan necklace

​$ 5.00

Cancun votive with candle.

​$ 2.50