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  • Be Acknowledged in ​Captivated in Cancun
  • Receive an Advance Reader Copy
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Decision #1 Beach Wedding and Pool Reception 

Kenderly Woods & Annette Drolet Mardis

Decision #2 Wedding Dress 

Anna Martin Josey and Therese Scacchi Lopez 

Decision #3 Flowers and Colors

Therese Scacchi Lopez

Decision #4 Tuxedos

Tracy Kreeger

Decision #5 Bridesmaid Dress

Jamie Clark

Decision #6 Cake

Kenderly Woods & Jamie Clark

A Diamond Ring from

Kay Jewelry was given to one lucky winner at the end of the event

Grand prize WINNER

While potting Captivated in Cancun, the next book in the Cancun series, I realized that I needed to plan the wedding of Jack and Jillian Girard, the main characters in Christmas in Cancun

There are so many decisions to be made for a wedding, even in a book. My brain just wanted to concentrate on bringing Lilly Girard together with Josh "Madman" Madden. I let my Facebook Friends plan the wedding!!! 

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Alyssa Williams                                         Sara Miller
Judi Kensok                                               Alexia Janie Evans
Terry Galloway Trahan                             
​Theresa Pierce

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Kathy Apa ​

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Plan the wedding of

Jack & Jillian Girard

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