Most of Choosing Love takes place at Griffin's grandparents' home and I needed something to describe. Of course, the place is fictional, but I like to paint a picture for my readers. 

My husband and I have visited hundreds (yes, literally hundreds) of homes built in the 1800s. I love the craftsmanship and style of those old homes! 

I also used lots of maps of Augusta, Georgia and Google Earth/Maps to look at the old homes along the original streets of the city.  

  • She had become the most precious thing in his life. He would die for her.
  • He would die for her. And almost had.
  • “…if we’re in the same city together, we share a bed.”
  • He never broke the kiss as he picked her up and carried her to the bed. “We’re on vacation. We’re allowed to sleep in.”
  • “You are amazing, Grace Hall. I can’t seem to get enough of you.”
  • I want you in my life, always, and I know that’s not going to be easy
  • I know that’s not going to be easy, but we can make it work.
  • You already have me.
  • “I’m already yours, for a lifetime.”
  • “This is the best day of my life." ... “Sweetheart, this day isn’t over.” 


Fact: Parents can influence a relationship, good, bad, or ugly.

Our lives are our own to live.

Men always underestimate beautiful women.

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Disappointing his parents was nothing new. Bringing her home didn’t change that.

Parker “Griffin” Mitchell V was raised to be a southern gentleman, and to stretch the political power his family had honed for five generations all the way to the White House. He had other ideas for his future. He became a Navy SEAL then went to work for Guardian Security taking the occasional black ops job. When he brought the love of his life home to Augusta, Georgia to meet his family, his years away hadn’t changed their plans. His love for Grace Hall didn’t matter to them because they had already selected an appropriate wife for him.

Griffin must choose between family expectations and love, or will Grace make the decision for him by walking away?

Choosing Love is a novella in KaLyn Cooper’s popular Black Swan series of active duty military women and the men who dare to love them. If you revel in books by Susan Stoker, Elle James and Cristin Harber, you’ll enjoy this fast read.

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Grace & Griffin

Novella #4.5 

Black Swan Series