Military active duty women

secretly trained in Special Operations

assigned to governmental agencies and

the men who dare to

capture the heart of a Woman Warrior.

Unexpected Love

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Novella 1.5

Challenging Love
Unguarded Love



Novella 4.5

“Rara avis in terri” is Latin for

“a rare bird in the lands.”

In the ancient world it was believed
that the landing of a single black swan

created a change that would affect the entire world.

Fact:  A woman can get a man alone within hours
          ...and kill him in seconds.

Fact: Men always underestimate beautiful women.

Fact: In February 2013 the United States military opened combat roles to women but no woman has "officially" been trained in Special Operations.

Unrelenting Love

Novella 3.5

Noel's Puppy Power
Unbeatable Love
Uncaged Love
Challenging Love